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Instapoll uses expert-led methodology to solve business questions for brands. Instapoll has joined with leading research providers to automate their best-in-class methodologies and deliver validated results in hours. A quality output delivered faster than before.

Draft your idea and start with the validation

Instapoll puts the consumers at the heart of all your
business decisions and minimizes risk.

Validate you idea & take right decision

Take a practical market analysis and consumer based opinion for your business to make is more successfull.


Get access to market research tools that are usually only available to large corporations.


Evaluate startup ideas based on an authoritative benchmark to make smart investments.


Compare new product ideas. Receive results up to 10x faster and cheaper.

Products people love

Validate critical assumptions so they can focus on creating the most compelling new products and services

Campaigns people want

Instapoll lets brand understand their consumers and develop the most effective marketing strategies.

Offers people need

Instapoll is used by top advertisers to target, test and validate direct offers that increase conversion.

Advantages you will get by validating your business idea

Get faster feedback and actionable answers

Agile research methodologies don't abandon the foundational research principles upon which they are built; they take the best of trusted methods and fuse technological advances with human expertise you need.

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Stay connected to your consumers globally

In order to innovate on a global scale, you need to reach your target consumers all over the world. Our online qualitative and quantitative platform gives you that breadth of coverage.

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Find the expertise you want and the support you need

Make more confident business decisions by letting our full-service team—experienced in several tried-and-true methodologies, not just agile ones—do all of the heavy lifting, so you can focus where it matters.

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Examples & Use case

Instapoll is here to help your business grow


Choose the most appealing book title and cover before you publish.


Validate your business ideas, logos, and ad creatives in a lean way.

Ecommerce Sellers

Improve your product listing photos, descriptions and online storefront.

App Developers

Optimize your app UI & app store creatives before publishing to the app store.

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Start uncovering actionable,
audience-driven data today.

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